Uniting dairy farmers in Kenya

Uniting dairy farmers in Kenya

ol-kalou-dairy-kenya.jpgmayo | 2014

Ol’Kalou Dairy is a dairy collection company based in the remote farming county of Nyandarua. The company collects unpasteurised milk from around 7,000 registered milk suppliers, 3,500 of which actively supply milk to Ol’Kalou Dairy.

Ensuring a fair price

The organization combines the collected milk, chills it and negotiates with local processors for a fair price. In addition to ensuring that farmers receive a fair price for their milk, the organization also contributes to job creation by encouraging dairy farming as well as employing youth from the local community to work in the plant. 

Latest deal

Ol’Kalou Dairy received its first loan of € 82,000 from Oikocredit in January 2014 to purchase a truck and refrigerated milk tanker.

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