Investing in Oikocredit

We all need an income to support our families. But for those with little or no guarantees, getting credit from conventional banks to finance their businesses is very difficult. To participate in Oikocredit means to invest in income generating activities for people and institutions that are marginalized by the conventional financial systems.

The investments trusted to Oikocredit are used to finance projects that generate jobs and income for groups of disadvantaged people, mainly in developing countries. Oikocredit seeks on one hand a high social benefit and sustainable development for the borrowers, and on the other an important social return for the investors.

Our investors receive a double yield: a modest financial return (2%), and a high social return. They are sure that their money is used to fight poverty, promote Fair Trade and respect the natural resources of the planet.

To achieve this, projects are selected in accordance with strict ethical criteria: positive impact on community; women's participation in management and/or implementation; absence of negative impact on environment; animal welfare; financial feasibility and suitable management in place.

Our local staff then closely monitors their financial and social performance to detect possible weaknesses and needs for assistance, and to measure and demonstrate the social impact to our investors.

Communication with investors is open and transparent in every respect.