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Visión SA de Finanzas ECA - Social financing for small businesses and individuals

Visión SA de Finanzas ECA

Social financing for small businesses and individuals



Partners in which Oikocredit has taken an equity investment.

Visión SA de Finanzas ECA (Visión Banco) is a leading microfinance institution in Paraguay that provides financial services throughout the country. Through its extensive network, Visión Banco serves more than 400,000 clients and employs more than 2,000 people.

Visión Banco aims to contribute to economic development, poverty reduction and job creation in the country.

The institution mainly serves individuals and small-scale businesses in the formal and informal sector, in urban as well as rural areas. Visión Banco is firmly committed to offering diverse financial services in the country, extending its operations under a clear strategy based on delivering country-level coverage. It offers non-financial services as added value to its commercial operations and has opened its Customer Service Points for extended hours, to include Saturdays and Sundays. It also integrates a 24-hour online service named VISION ON LINE and mobile banking via VISION MOVIL.

Visión Banco has a strong social mission and adheres to the client protection principles (CPPs) of the Smart Campaign. It is also a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

It started its operations in 1992 as a financial institution, with just seven employees. It became a partner of Oikocredit in 2006.

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