A dedicated network of professionals, volunteers and member organizations are key to Oikocredit’s success as a global cooperative. Our decentralized structure, with Regional and Country Offices working directly with our partners in the field, reaches from the Internacional Office in the Netherlands to all corners of the world.

Oikocredit International is based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and it is led by a managing director and four directors. The management board is overseen by an 11 members supervisory board. (Read more about OI)

The Regional Office for South America Southern Region (SASR) - with headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay - channels the information between the International head office in the Netherlands and Oikocredit's partners in the region. (Read more about our staff and operations in the region).

The Regional Office SASR covers Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay, helped by local offices (Country Offices) in these countries. Operations in Uruguay are handled by its Country Office. (Read more about the countries in the region)

Investments in Oikocredit are attracted by 30 Support Associations (SAs), largely run by volunteers in 13 different countries and by National Support Offices (NSOs) in the North.